Ontwerpen van Chocolatier Vercruysse in beeld

Like a magic potion, chocolate is a source of intense, unique pleasures. In order to fully savour The desirable characteristics of a good chocolate, it should be consumed in a quiet environment at the moment when hunger has sharpened one's senses. Chocolate unfolds all of its aromas and its ideal texture at a temperature of about 21°C. Brilliance, roundness, intense flavours, the crunch of the bruttle coating that gives way as you bite into it. These are the first forms of expression challenging the senses. 

Once, twice,…again and again

When it melts in your mouth, the chocolate enchants the palate with its tender, melting texture and triggers a series of aromas that eventually invade the entire body. The palete proceeds to memorize the sensations produced by a good chocolate, whose lingering aftertaste is a sign of character: prolongs the pleasure and encourages one to repeat the experience... 

Young or old, everyone loves chocolat

The desireable tast that chocolate has, seduces young and old. Check Chocolatier Vercruysse te Kortrijk and discover the many creations that are offered.