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Chocolade bestellen Online

Wellington Chcocolate Factory finally in Belgium

Sagarana Bahia Brasil in Belgium Kortrijk, delicious news for wonderfull chocolate.

Deciding to settle down in one place...Chocolate Tree

Chchukululu dit moet Ecuador zijn.

Madagascar Menakao good relationship with Kortrijk

Making flavours exceptional 2016

2016/01 Japan selection

Marou for Kortrijk - The Best Chocolate You’ve Never Tasted – The New York Times

CACAO HUNTERS the perfection of hunting NEW in our shop

FRESCO hand crafted "exceptional chocolate" we hope you enjoy the results!

TAZA CHOCOLATE stone ground organic available

Caoni’s dancing chocolate bars, indigenous music...

From ancient past, Mayta Chocolate brings you the brilliant flavors of Ecuador

There is no elevator to success. You have to take the stairs.

One bar - ORIGINAL BEANS CHOCOLATE - one tree. Philipp Kaufmann.

Finally Madécasse-Madagascar Chocolate in our shop, super satisfied.

AMMA chocolate now available from Bresil to Belgium.

"The single most awe-inspiring moment of my chocolate..." Lee McCoy.

Pralines, truffels en marsepein bij De Gezonde Apotheker

We invite you to experience the vibrant flavors of this hand crafted Texas chocolate TEJAS EXCLUSIF FOR BELGIUM

"If Direct Cacao and supporters like Geert are a succes, ...the future of the fine..."Martin Christy.


Sourcing only the best (in ethics&flavour) for his handmade treats, all of which can be enjoyed...
Tradition, Research, Innovation, is my world, in which tradition lives side by side with innovation. just click
It is ambitious to develop a page on chocolate, cocoa beans...just click   No one knows exactly why we LOVE CHOCOLATE... just click

Patisserie-Chocolaterie Vercruysse
Doorniksewijk 115-117
8500 Kortrijk - België

Tel.:+32 56 21 68 81
Gsm:+32 478 67 08 91
BTW BE0524 462 865

Monday: closed 
Tuesday, wednesday & thursday: please call 0478 67 08 91
Friday: 8am till 7pm
Saturday & Sunday: 7am till 7pm

Patisserie-Chocolaterie Vercruysse - Kortrijk
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